This pizza transfer shovel prevents adhesion and ingredient displacement, ensuring your baked goods remain in perfect shape. Enjoy serving your pizzas, cakes, and bread with professional ease and precision.

Made from 100% all natural wood, so it's built to last.


Enjoy serving your homemade pizzas, cakes, and more with professional ease and precision.

A seamless transition from oven to table.

No More Mess.

While saving your pizzas and pies from disaster, the Pizza Slider Pro also has the ability to clean up liquid messes, like oils and sauces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean The Pizza Slider Pro?

Cleaning methods may vary, but we recommend wiping it with a clean damp cloth, or washed with mild soap and water. Avoiding harsh abrasive, or soaking for extended periods.

Is the Pizza Slider Pro Multi-Purpose?

Yes. The Pizza Slider Pro was designed to be used for pizzas, but it can be used with any baked goods. It can even be used to clean up sauce and oil spills off the counter.

Can the Pizza Slider Pro Withstand Hot Temperatures?

The Pizza Slider Pro is designed to be highly temperature-resistant. It suitable for use in ovens with temperatures of up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.